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Over 900 businesses have already sent their staff to our highly recommended Sales Courses. Fear – The Art of Selling ® is a proven end-to-end B2B sales process that will help you:

  • Improve competitive win-rates … and close more sales
  • Improve profitability by minimizing price erosion
  • Produce more consistent sales results
  • Grow your sales pipeline FAST
  • Increase gross revenue
  • Maximize deal size

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“Fear – The Art of Selling was FANTASTIC! From the initial hunting concepts through to the final closing techniques; it was simple to understand yet thought provoking.”

Lavina Muscat – Business Development Manager at NEC

“Fear – The Art of Selling is a very well presented sales training course (crisp & intense) and covers every important aspect of NEW Business Development. Enjoyment – 6/6, Learning 6/6 & Relevance 6/6″

Peter Hannan – Managing Director at Hannan IT

“I have been selling for the last 20 years and attended many sales training courses. I really liked Tim’s sales methodologies as they uncovered areas that I need to polish up on.Fear – The Art of Selling CHALLENGED me and that doesn’t often happen!“

Peta Andrews – Special Projects Manager at Data Direct Australia

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