Every consulting service that we provide is 100% focused on improving our clients sales performance.

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Sales Consulting Overview 

As part of mysalesmentor ­®, Deakon offer a number of specialist Sales Consulting services for both Sales Managers & Salespeople.

Our Sales Strategy / Planning  & Sales Coaching services are designed to increase our client’s productivity & profits and reduce expenses. We also aim to enhance customer loyalty, decrease staff turnover, improve self-management within the sales team, shorten the sales cycle and enable companies to achieve more with fewer resources.

To maximise your company’s investment in Sales Training, we have also developed a number of Coaching options for your sales staff.

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Behind every successful business is a successful Sales Strategy.

  • What really makes an organization successful?
  • Is it the sales force?
  • Is it the products or services they offer?
  • Is it the organization itself?
  • Why do some companies and sales people consistently out sell their competition? ; and
  • What are the secrets of top sales people?

The answers to these and similar questions depend on many things. Generally speaking a successful sales organization is the result of great people, great products & services and an effective sales strategy, all working together.

Problems We Solve

Deakon specialize in helping our client’s increase productivity & profits and reduce their expenses.

Most of the companies who approach us are experiencing a near universal set of performance related problems. These problems typically fall in to one or more of the following categories:

  • We don’t have enough qualified sales leads in our pipeline
  • We are finding it difficult to differentiate our product & service offering in the market
  • We are struggling to build credibility and awareness among key decision makers
  • We are unable to reach and sell effectively to senior management
  • We need to grow the size of our deals
  • We want to reduce the sales cycle and avoid getting neutral responses from prospects
  • We want to stop our salespeople wasting time pursuing low probability opportunities
  • We are finding it difficult to sell complex solutions and win major opportunities
  • We don’t have a structured sales process across the sales team
  • We are getting a wide variation in our forecasting accuracy
  • We need to reduce the total cost per sale
  • We need to improved our ROI from our companies marketing activities
  • We need to improve our salespeople’s time management
  • We need to increase sales!

Key Elements

There are many important aspects involved in the sales strategy & planning process including:

  • Defining your market sector(s) and segment(s)’ definitions
  • Quantifying your addressable market size and segmentation supported by relevant statistics
  • Reviewing current and future industry trends
  • Documenting your existing sales methodologies and practices
  • Analysing your current customer spread by type, values and the products / services they buy
  • Outlining the Business Benefits, Advantages, Features & Functions of your key products / services
  • Listing your route to market options
  • Preparing Case Studies and Testimonials
  • Conducting a detailed Competitor & SWOT Analysis,
  • Developing a comprehensive – Sales, Marketing & Business plan
  • Setting a timeline for strategic actions

Awareness & Connecting

The planning phase is certainly the cornerstone of any effective Sales Strategy however to be truly successful, many other sales & marketing activities need to be implemented including:

  • Cold Calling
  • Introduction Letters
  • Follow-up calls
  • Lead generation & Referral programs
  • Telesales
  • Email mailing campaigns
  • PR programs
  • Online & Offline advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media & Viral Marketing techniques
  • Ongoing market research

Analysis & Refining

Once you put the right sales strategy & planning processes in place for your business supported by proven sales & marketing activities, you need to analyse the results. Without the appropriate sales tools to measure the results, you won’t be able to identify the changes that worked, the changes that didn’t and those corrections that still need to be made.


Our sales strategy & planning solutions will allow your business to increase sales by providing your management and sales team with:

  • More effective techniques to qualify prospects and thereby avoid wasting time pursuing low probability opportunities
  • Templates to help differentiate your product & service offerings in the market
  • Business writing skills to build credibility and awareness among key decision makers
  • A better understanding of the issues senior management are interested in
  • Fresh ideas on how to grow the size of deals
  • Sales techniques to reduce the length of the sales cycle
  • A methodical questioning technique to sell complex solutions and win major opportunities
  • A structured sales process across the sales team
  • Recommendations of suitable Sales Automation, CRM & Sales Forecasting tools
  • Sales strategies to reduce the total cost per sale
  • Effective low cost marketing activities
  • Time Management techniques

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Are you looking for a competitive advantage?

Working together with professional B2B salespeople, Deakon take the time to understand each individual’s unique selling style, strengths and weaknesses. We then provide practical advice, selling tools, sales techniques and sales tips to produce the breakthrough results you are looking for.

Are You Maximizing Your Sales Results?

A sales coach works with top performers to create a competitive advantage and outstanding results. Just as an athlete works with a sports coach to achieve their best, your sales coach will push, challenge, and demand more from you so you can exceed sales targets, earn higher commission payments and take your sales performance to the next level.

One-on-One Sales Coaching

Most salespeople who make it to the top have not done it alone but employed the services of skilled mentors to help them get there. Mentoring with an experienced sales coach will give you the competitive advantage  you need to stand out from the pack.

One-on-One Sales Coaching will provide you with a dedicated sales coach who will have a confidential thirty (30) minute conversation with you each week over the telephone to discuss the individual challenges you are experiencing and how to best address them.

The discussion will focus on the most important actions that you can take right now to improve your sales performance.

Your sales coach will create an environment of acceptance and trust where you are truly heard, never judged, and honoured for exactly who you are. This environment is what leads to successful exploration, ownership, action and positive change.

Sales Team Coaching

Improving sales skills through a comprehensive public access or customized in-house training sales training program is an essential element of any successful sales strategy. Implementing a Sales Team Coaching plan enhances the initial sales training and provides a platform to practice and ingrain the skills learnt.

Sales teams are often comprised of a small number of peak performers who regularly carry other members of the team. Peak performers can be modelled, and their skills, attitudes, and habits mentored to new and up-and-coming members of the sales team.

We work with sales teams to define best-practices, share common concerns and create strategies to get past any obstacle to increase the sales performance of the entire team. Each Sales Team Coaching program is customized to meet the needs of the client and deliver a competitive advantage.

Sales Team Workshops

The sales team workshops are conducted on-site and are approximately 3 – 4 hours in length. As a team we determine beforehand what’s working, what’s not working and what’s missing that will have an immediate impact on the current sales performance of the organization.

You can choose from a range of topics including planning, prospecting, writing, relationship, investigation, development, negotiation and closing skills that address specific challenges your sales team may be currently experiencing.

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You’ll learn how to Hire, Train & Manage Virtual Assistants (VAs):