“This is a small sample of the 1,000 plus Testimonials that our loyal clients have written about our sales training course.

You can also search by Industry!”

See below:

“We have noticed a significant improvement in one of our sales staff’s performance after deciding to send them along to Fear – The Art of Selling.

This has proved to be a great investment as this YTD sales have increased by some 150% equating to an additional $2.5m worth of sales revenue per annum.”

R. Laird, General Manager at Asset Plant & Machinery

“Tim … you are an AWESOME presenter! I really enjoyed the 4 days with you, and I’ve learnt a lot. You are also an amazing storyteller and I’II remember these stories for a long time.

Thank you for doing what you do as you are making a huge difference in so many people’s lives. I HIGHLY recommend your sales course.”

J. Jassel , Pre Sales Consultant at SXiQ (IBM)

“Fujitsu gave me the privilege to attend sales training and acquire some much needed soft skills. Hmm … I am not a sales person, so why? I found out the reason when I went through each module of the training programme.

I really enjoyed attending the course. It not only provided plenty of useful sales skills … but MADE ME A DIFFERENT PERSON. I now have a lot more CONFIDENCE and the ability to think quickly under pressure in various sales scenarios. Overall … Fear – The Art of Selling was very hands on and interactive.

I would like to thank Tim Williams for crafting such a valuable course.”

A. Singh , Senior Consultant at Versor (Fujitsu)

“This was a good refresher sales course for me. Everyone in our business will be able to rely on the same terminology and definitions. There were LOTS of laughs and anecdotes … and I found Tim’s story telling style of sales training to be quite effective.”

S. Drakeford, Sales Executive at SXiQ (IBM)
“Thank you Tim for providing a great sales training program for our national sales team … you have been so easy to work with from the very first call, right through to providing individual participant feedback. Everyone enjoyed attending Fear – The Art of Selling and learnt a LOT!

We will certainly be sending more of our sales staff to you as they come on board.”

B. Edlington , Managing Director at Megadeck Australia
I will hopefully get another order this week … this will be the 6th machine I’ve sold since I started in April totaling $2.7M worth of machine sales.  You spoke about dealing with gate keepers in the sales course a few weeks ago … I did a cold call just after that session and the receptionist wouldn’t even take my business card because I didn’t have an appointment, so I asked her nicely to please take my card and I would leave, and she finally accepted it.

I received a phone call 10 mins later (YES 10 minutes later) from the Director which went very well, and I happened to have the right machine arriving the following week that he was looking for. By the end of the same week, I took the machine order for $650K. If I hadn’t of participated in your AMAZING sales course, then I wouldn’t have had the confidence & skills to persevere and make that deal happen and possibly future deals.

Thanks once again Tim … attending Fear – The Art of Selling was a lot of fun. Also thank you for sharing some of your personal stories with us.

You’re a great and VERY knowledgeable guy!”

A. Rankin , Sales Engineer at Okuma Australia

“I liked how the sales theory was broken down into repeatable actions that can be practiced. In particular … Q Selling helped frame my thinking not just on SELLING, but also service delivery in a broader sense.”

B. Coleman , Lead Specialist Consultant at Versor (Fujitsu)

“I’ve learnt more about selling myself in the last 8 weeks than I have in the last 8 years by attending this sales training course!”

D. Williams, Business Development Manager at Visits

“Tim’s B2B sales course is absolutely AMAZING! It opened my eyes on how to connect with new prospects and really sell.”

J. Pullen , Head of Automation Experience at CiGen

“Tim is a GREAT TRAINER and very knowledgeable. I would HIGHLY recommend Fear – The Art of Selling to anyone who wants to improve their sales & negotiation skills!

5 STARS ☆☆☆☆☆”

B. Psaila , Sales Supervisor at Pneumatech

“The sales training course has been EXTREMELY valuable in helping me to better understand the selling process. I highly recommend this course to anyone in sales or business.

I should have done this course 10 years ago!”

G. Doukas, Managing Director at Austab Barcode Systems

“Fear – The Art of Selling has taught me new ways of sourcing prospects and as a result my cold calling success rate has increased by an average of 42%.

It has also given me the confidence to deal with all types of people at different levels within an organisation.”

J. Rijcke, Sales Executive at Wastech Engineering

“Hi Tim … just a quick update. Your Sales Training must have done a lot of good. I’m currently at 150% of my sales target for the year with more to come. B2B selling is starting to grow on me, and everything that you taught me is now making sense.


B. Petterson, Radio Sales Manager at Vicom Australia

“Overall … attending this training was really productive. It helped me to learn lots of sales & negotiation tactics which are certainly going to help me both professionally and personally too!

I am confident that by practicing these methodologies will have a significant impact and create real value within my organization.”

R. Sharma , Presales Consultant at SXiQ Digital (IBM)

“The sales training course was an outstanding combination of all the best sales concepts out there, together with real life ‘one percenters’ that differentiate the great sales people from the mediocre.

Tim is clearly someone whose results demonstrate that he is an ELITE salesperson as well as a GREAT sales trainer”

R. Colonnello, Business Development Manager at Toshiba Australia

“Having done the Fear – The Art of Selling twice myself … and sent many of my staff to it; I have seen it work first hand.

A 400% increase in revenue can’t be wrong!”

L. Trevena, CEO at Synetek Systems

“I’ve achieved more sales success in the past year than any of the previous 4 years of B2B sales. KPI’s SMASHED by 260%!

Thanks Tim”

EJ. Apostolidis, Account Manager at SteriHealth

“Fear – The Art of Selling is the first sales training course I have attended in 12 years which has taught me anything NEW.”

J. Vakapuna, Sales Executive at Interconnekt

“Tim is VERY knowledgeable about B2B sales. I thought I knew what I was doing before I started his sales course; however, he helped me quickly realise areas that needed improvement and provided me with a solid framework to use in my career as a professional salesperson.


H. Hassan , CRISPR Product Specialist at Decode Science
“THANKS Tim! … My rate of converting an initial phone call into a face-to-face meeting has increased by at least 80% as a direct result of attending Fear – The Art of Selling.

I’m looking forward to using these newly acquired sales skills to increase my effectiveness and drive activity towards solutions for new prospects. ”

S. Keng, Contracting Services Manager at Evolve Information Services

“Our sales manager attended Fear – The Art of Selling after 8 years of sales experience to learn how to hunt for new business from the best.

Using Deakon’s prospecting techniques including letter writing resulted in a 33% success rate in un-chartered territories not 1 or 2%.”

A. McVey, Managing Director at Auswide Communications

“After 30 years in technical sales, this is the only sales training course that I have attended that is relevant to our industry and focuses on solution selling – VERY WELL DONE!“

P. Clapham, National Defence Business Manager at Vicom Australia
“Selling is something that comes as almost second nature to me after 20 years experience however Fear – The Art of Selling puts everything into perspective so I will be able to be even more successful in the future.“
C. Joe, Business Development Manager at Sharp
“Fear – The Art of Selling is so far removed from any other course I have attended because it is actually full of new ideas. I was VERY IMPRESSED by the templates for writing introduction letters and practical tips on how to deal with objections.


D. Lomax, Service Engineer at Fortress Systems

“Tim breaks down the “Art of Selling” and delivers it in an interactive and fun, yet informative manner. I can’t wait to use these newly acquired sales skills!“

J. Jones , BDM at Evolve Information Services

“Fear – The Art of Selling laid out the entire B2B sales process from start to finish. It was very detailed and provided me with LOTS of valuable knowledge.“

D. Vinnicombe , Field Technician at Auswide Communications
“The sales training course was 100% relevant to real world sales situations. I learnt a lot from attending the programme & also looking forward to further developing my sales skills by referring to the workbooks in the future.

Thanks Tim – Well worth the investment!“

B. Alvarez, Sales Executive at Ricoh
“Fear – The Art of Selling is a very well presented sales training course (crisp & intense) and covers every important aspect of NEW Business Development. Enjoyment – 6/6, Learning 6/6 & Relevance 6/6 “
P. Hannan, Managing Director at Hannan IT

“This order started from a cold call two days ago. I offered the customer a ripper price only to COB today. I called him this morning and said my manager told me the price will go back up to $270k tomorrow if he doesn’t buy it today.

I used your tactic, to blame someone who isn’t in the room. Well it worked and he gave me the order this afternoon.

Thanks again Tim for your advice.“

A. Rankin , Sales Engineer at Okuma Australia
“I have been selling for the last 20 years and attended many sales training courses. I really liked Tim’s sales methodologies as they uncovered areas that I need to polish up on.

Fear – The Art of Selling CHALLENGED me and that doesn’t often happen!“

P. Andrews, Special Projects Manager at Data Direct Australia

“Fear – The Art of Selling was FANTASTIC! From the initial hunting concepts through to the final closing techniques; it was simple to understand yet thought provoking.“

L. Muscat, Business Development Manager at NEC
“Fear – The Art of Selling is a unique sales training course devoid of irrelevant material, filler & buzzwords but cuts straight to the heart of practical sales. If you only ever do one course – DO THIS ONE!“
C. Macleod, General Manager at Scanning & Inspection
“Fear – The Art of Selling was EXTREMELY well planned & executed by using varying teaching methodologies to convey the sales training course material.

I am looking forward to implementing these tried & tested sales processes in the field.“

A. Dennis , Senior IT Consultant at eProgram
“The negotiation section & role play activities were AWESOME!

Being relatively new to selling; ALL of the information / tactics provided will stand me in good stead for a successful & stress free sales career.“

C. Goodwin, Sales Engineer at Matthews Australasia
“I wish I had attended Fear – The Art of Selling when I was starting out 20 years ago. I have learnt a great deal over the past 8 weeks and both my sales team & I are looking forward to achieving greater results by putting this knowledge into practice.“
D. Jackson , Sales Manager at Air Technology Group
“Tim’s presentation of the sales training course was SUPERB! Fear – The Art of Selling surprised me by showing me how much I didn’t know about the science of selling.

The sales training course was a LIFE CHANGING EVENT … Well done Tim!“

M. Falconer , Managing Director at Lynx IT
“Fear the Art of Selling has something for everyone, regardless of their experience or skill set. It has been the most complete and adaptable sales training course for professional B2B sales that I have come across.“
F. Karabelas , BDM at Fuji Xerox Printers
“Tim is an EXCELLENT facilitator and Fear – The Art of Selling is a GREAT sales course. His experience was highly relevant to my industry, and I learnt a lot!

The most important take away was that selling is a skill that can be learned and continually developed.“

S. Rice , Managing Director at Thomas Rice Contracting
“By incorporating your sales strategies into our business model – we recently won a tender that will increase Q4 sales by just under 30% and lays the foundation for approx. 40% of next years income.

Not bad results – thanks again for the development.“

P. Greenwood, Consultant at People and Culture
“By using some of the sales strategies taught in Fear – The Art of Selling … we were able to get a multi million deal back on track and win it!

One short ten minute conversation with Tim helped me think outside the square.“

A. Hadley, GM Sales & Marketing at Heidelberg Graphic Equipment
“No sales training workshop, book or seminar I have ever seen or read has managed to combine such concise, relevant & valuable information as successfully as Fear – The Art of Selling.

Thanks Tim – Absolutely FANTASTIC experience! (I will practice, practice, practice ….)“

S. Martin, Business Development Manager at NHP

“IT Today has had four BDMs complete Tim’s “Fear – The Art of Selling” course.

The course has produced measurable positive results for us that we would not have achieved otherwise, and has paid for itself several times over. Have no doubts – it’s a NO BRAINER!“

C. Toussaint, Owner at IT Today (Aust)

Advertising & Marketing

“The sales course has been great in that it not only complimented and reinforced a lot of my current skills, but it has shown me that some slight changes can generate big differences.

Fear – The Art of Selling has taught me a great process for building a qualified pipeline.”

T. Branagan, Chief Hunter Gatherer at 212F
“Having not sold for many years, the sales training course gave me confidence to re-engage with prospects and develop new business. Many Thanks Tim!”
A. Bodin, Director at Comnicate Media
“Fear – The Art of Selling was very interesting and I definitely have learnt some new skills that I will use in my job day to day.

Thanks Tim!”

W. Lilley, Account Director at Pixel Group
“This sales training course refreshes your mind on all the elements of selling that we know we should be doing, but have forgotten or dismissed over time. Practical skills and hands on practice really help to refine the techniques.”
Z. Anderberg, BDM at Crossmark Asia Pacific
“I enjoyed ‘Fear the Art of Selling’ very much as it allowed me to build up the confidence levels when speaking to clients. Also, it gave me the foundation to become a professional sales engineer.

I have also gained the valuable practical experience through the role play activities, in particular, in the negotiation skills module.”

M. Phyu Thein, Sales and Rental Support Engineer at TMG Test Equipment

Audio Visual & Production

“Fear – The Art of Selling has taught me to approach sales from what a customer needs … rather than the hard selling of products.”

D. Phillips , Account Manager at Megadeck Staging Systems
“The course helped me to structure my current sales strategies into a more formal way that will help me achieve my objectives more effectively.”
A. Mekawy , BDM at Rutledge AV
“I really enjoyed the structured approach of the sales course. There is truly something great to be taken away from each of the 8 modules.

I learnt not to be afraid of asking prospects difficult questions … and to ALWAYS ask for the ORDER!”

J. Topp , Sales Consultant at Converged Technology

“I thoroughly enjoyed attending Fear – The Art of Selling and learnt a lot of new ideas!”

T. Magee, System Design & Sales at AT Audio Telex
“Tim is a great sales coach … and really knows his stuff. I did some other sales training many years ago, however his course ticks all the right boxes, plus much more – i.e. prospecting & negotiation skills

I’d HIGHLY RECOMMEND this sales training course!”

R. Royte, CEO at Webcasting

“A short & sharp sales course that provides you with the skills needed to pre-qualify prospects … right through to closing the deal.

Tim also provided lots of helpful templates to refer back too. THANKS!”

M. Verga , Sales / Estimator at Rutledge AV

“This sales training program has prepared me for the real world and I am looking forward to using my newly acquired sales & negotiating skills.“

G. Yole, Sales Consultant at ibs AV
“Fear – The Art of Selling helped me to ‘fill in’ some of the areas of sales that I didn’t know needed filling. The ‘Closing Skills’ module was of great benefit. Big Thanks!“
N. Billinge, Business Development Executive at TR Vidcom

“Tim is a FANTASTIC resource and was exceptionally effective at communicating new ideas & engaging our sales team. Megadeck now has a wealth of additional knowledge to draw from!“

T. Brunell , General Manager at Megadeck Australia

“Fear – The Art of Selling is a VERY hands-on and interactive sales course. I now have a much better understanding of the sales process / buyer relationships.“